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Lucid K9 Training

Professional dog training in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and surrounding areas

Why Choose Lucid K9?

Customized Training

Whether your dog pulls on leash, bolts out the front door or you just want your dog to listen, training is customized based on your goals and your dog's behavior.

We Educate Owners

While training your dog is the plan, it’s important that owners are well educated on how and why. Whether you chose in home private lessons or a board and train program Lucid K9 is there every step of the way to help YOU be successful with your dog. 

Relationship Matters

At Lucid K9 we believe in building strong human-canine relationships utilizing balance methods for a fulfilling balanced life. We aim to gives dogs and owner’s the freedom they deserve, to explore life together.  


Private Lessons

A dog sitting

Private Lessons are great for owners that want to be apart of the teaching process. I guide you through  how to train your dog to achieve your training goals. 

A dog hiking

Board and Train programs are perfect for owners that may not have numerous hours in the day to train their dog or for dogs that have behavioral issues. 

Madison is the third trainer we worked with for our high-energy field lab, Roxy, and we feel like we finally found the perfect fit for us and for Roxy. Our past training experience included a 4-week board and train where the trainer used an e collar as positive punishment with increasingly high shocks in response to undesired behaviors. Roxy didn't come home from that training as a more controlled version of herself and we never felt good about using the e collar in that way. Madison worked with us at our house, helping us get back to basics and taught us how to communicate with Roxy through leash pressure, appropriately-timed verbal feedback, and food rewards. Madison quickly understood Roxy, figured out the methods she was most responsive to, and helped us be more thoughtful in our interactions. It finally feels like we're speaking the same language! We did, ultimately, incorporate the e collar back into our training--but at the lowest possible setting for Roxy--and it feels like a much more gentle way to give her reminders. Madison is patient, straightforward, and has a gift for thoughtful and individualized training. She helped us set realistic expectations and fit training into our busy lives. I recommend her to everyone I know who has a new puppy.

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Located in Norfolk, Virginia

Servicing Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chespeake


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