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Private Lessons

I teach you how to train your dog. This is great way to build a relationship with your dog with the guidance of a trainer. Private lessons start in a controlled environment-your home.

Private Lessons

This is one on one training with dog, owner and trainer. Training starts within your home where you're shown how to incorporate training into your daily life. 

This option is great for owners that want to be apart of the learning process and have at least an hour daily to dedicate to training.

Private lessons start with an initial 90 minute lesson where we go over your dog's behavior history, your goals in training and are provided detailed information on dog behavior. 

After the initial lesson you can schedule lesson by lesson or go with the private lesson package.

During each lesson we go over what you need to work on between lessons in order to move forward and progress with your dog. 

$100 - Initial lesson - 90 minutes

$85 - After initial lesson - Single one hour lesson - Schedule as we go

$400 - Package - 5 one hour lessons - Scheduled weekly/biweekly

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