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About Lucid K9

Lucid K9 utilizes a simple approach to bring balance to your dog's life while achieving your goals. Whether your dog pulls on leash, bolts out the front door or you just want your dog to listen, training is customized based on your goals and your dog's behavior. My mission with Lucid K9 is to help you and your dog enjoy more freedom side by side.

Two dogs training with a dog trainer

Meet Madison

Lucid K9’s founder and trainer. The love of dogs started at a young age  walking gravel roads with my grandfather’s 7 dogs in the Blue Mountains of Virginia. Animals continued to be an inspiration and led me into a career of veterinary medicine as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. As my experience in the field grew, I became a go to tech for the aggressive and hard to handle dogs. With 7 years of experience in vet med I observed thousands of dogs and their behavior. in 2016 I began working with a local trainer with my newly adopted out of control lab and dog reactive mutt.  My love for training lead to my trainer quickly becaming my mentor. With the desire to strengthen the relationship with my own dogs and to further understand why behavior was such a large issue for the everyday dog owner, I committed countless hours to training, mentorship and Continued Education courses. 

A dog loose leash walking
Dogs staying with their owner
Dog hiking in mountains
Dog owner sitting with their 2 dogs

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie is Lucid K9’s scheduling administrator. She handles all email and scheduling inquiries. Stephanie and I worked together for some years in veterinary medicine as licensed veterinary technicians. While Lucid K9 isn’t her fulltime gig she’s quick, friendly and attentive to our clients. She spends her free time with her husband and their dogs Luna and Wally hiking, paddleboarding, rock climbing and traveling in their converted van. 

Dogs off leash at the beach

Lets Train

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